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Small Blue-Green World offers authoring and publishing services, IT security consultancy and training, and more. My main source of income at the moment, though, is writing, so maintaining the web page takes second place to that.

My main current publishing project, the AVIEN Malware Guide, is described below, but I've just contributed to another Syngress book on Botnets which is probably the first major book specifically on that subject: see http://www.syngress.com/catalog/?pid=4270 for more information. (I'll post some more info here when I've actually seen a copy of the book!).

I'm also contributing articles for syndication at http://watersidesyndication.com/inbusiness/ but that initiative is currently being re-engineered. More information here in due course.

The AVIEN virtual conference has been and gone, and I was too busy to take part. I suspect that some presentations will be online in due course. I'll check and put a note up here in due course.

Publishing Project - AVIEN Guide to Malware

A particularly exciting current project is a book on managing malicious software in the enterprise, written by members of AVIEN and AVIEWS: these organizations include some renowned independent and industry anti-malware researchers, as well as some of the most capable and best-informed administrators and managers in the world. This AVIEN guide has its own web page on Small Blue-Green World: check it out now!

2ND AVIEN Virtual Conference, January 10th 2007.

You might also want to know about the 2nd AVIEN Virtual Conference, kindly hosted by Nortel, on the topic of "The New Face of Malware: Stories from the Battlefield". Here's the full information from the Nortel web page.

The second annual AVIEN Virtual conference will concentrate on the evolution of Malware from a generally innocent venture to a multi-billion dollar criminal industry.

The threat landscape has changed. Once upon a time Malware was rather easy to prevent, detect and, if infected, to clean up. The people behind the Malware were generally not hard core criminals and their motives were rather simple; hacker groups trying to one up each other, political activists trying to get their messages across and once in a while they were malicious. Fast forward to today and that has all changed.

Malware is now a criminal enterprise driven by professionals and big money. The motives range from stealing registration keys for software to stealing personal and financial information and from using Bots for DDoS attacks to holding corporations for ransom. Today's malware is increasingly difficult to detect, prevent and clean-up, which compounds the problem for all users. As technology advances the more sophisticated and complex Malware becomes.

The good guys need to catch up. We can't let our systems be hijacked for criminal purposes, we need to protect our identities and finances and we need to protect not just our corporations but all users of computers and the Internet.

This conference will present four case studies showing how the good guys are making leaps forward to detect modern malware, to hunt down the criminals behind it and to coordinate the Anti-Malware industry to present a unified front for the battle.

Presenters include Eric Kodrosky of Nortel, Martin Overton of IBM UK Ltd., Desiree Beck of the Mitre Corporation, Matt Ziemnaik of the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA), and Paul Schmehl of the University of Texas.

Registration is here.

The Expanding Harley Universe

Nepotism is OK, as long as you keep it in the family: what's the use of having a web site if you can't share it with your kith and kin?

Small Blue-Green World is pleased to announce a new web partnership with City Marque. My brother Martin and his wife, now living in Cyprus, are in the process of launching a gardening and pool cleaning service. (Hey, Martin, can you do that big blue pool down by Akrotiri? It seems a bit on the salty side.) Lots more information on that here: the service, that is, not Akrotiri.

Still To Come

Areas to be covered eventually include e-book and print-on-demand publishing and an on-line bookstore, specializing in the first instance in security areas; a security alerts service; a hoax/chain letter verification service; weblogging; virus information; and security in education.

Small Blue-Green World will also be the home of a major Apple Mac security resource, including updated information from the former Mac Virus web page. Unfortunately, negotiations with an organization that was to have sponsored this page have stalled, but the project will go ahead, albeit a little later than planned.

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